Introducing Our Advisor Roundtables Program

We are excited to announce our new advisor insights program called Advisor Roundtables.  Every other month, we’ll have recurrent access to a group of financial advisors who will share real-time feedback and reactions about anything from creative work, to content ideas, to strategic messaging platforms.

As strategists and researchers, we understand the importance of audience insight powering the work we create, so we’re happy for the opportunity to actively and regularly solicit the voice of this typically hard-to-find audience.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Every other month, we’ll align with our clients on one piece of work or a burning question they want to get advisors’ reactions to
  • We’ll then be sitting down with a group of advisors from a mix of channels (i.e. RIA, independent, regional, etc.) for the discussion. During that time, we’ll review the selected focal point with the group to hear their feedback
  • After each Roundtable, we’ll report back on what we learned

Please note that since this is a shared, value-add service for our clients, we estimate a block of 10-15 minutes to be allotted to each client’s work during the one-hour session. Custom, fully dedicated 1-hour sessions can be estimated separately as needed.

We look forward to using our new Advisor Roundtables offering to create more work of Substance for our clients.

If you are not currently working with us but are interested in learning more about opportunities with Advisor Roundtables, contact us, and we will be in touch with you soon!

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