Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Sales vs. marketing. Marketing vs. sales. It’s a rivalry as old as the Montagues and Capulets (we assume).

For some reason, these two groups just can’t get along. What’s behind the disconnect? And how can we get these two groups working together for the benefit of their business?

On the heels of our recent conversation about branding, we interviewed growth guru Shauna Mace to hear her views on how organizations can work to bring sales and marketing closer together. Shauna brings a unique perspective to this topic, having worked as both a marketing and sales leader in the financial services industry.

Watch this video if you want to:

  • Learn why sales and marketing are often at odds within their organization
  • Discover some quick and easy tips to bring sales and marketing closer together
  • Hear a real-life case study to discover the benefits of aligning sales and marketing

This discussion is valuable for corporate marketing and sales professionals, especially in the financial services category.

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